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Thank You for Your Advocacy to Protect City of Toronto Services

Thank You for Your Advocacy to Protect City of Toronto Services

On January 17, 2012, City Council voted to approve Toronto’s 2012 Budget only after defeating many of Mayor Ford’s proposed cuts by a series of very close votes. Thanks to more than a thousand people who came out to speak at various hearings, City Councillors receiving more than five thousand emails each, and strong advocacy by a range of community allies, many planned cuts were averted. Thanks to your persistence, some of the most troubling cuts have fallen by the wayside thereby saving three homeless shelters, restoring funding for the Women’s Immigrant Health Centre, restoring the school-based childcare rent subsidy, protecting recreational programs, increasing the TTC budget by $5 million to prevent service cuts, and protecting the Toronto Environmental Office. Thanks to your action, City Council reversed nearly $19 million in cuts.

As we celebrate this important victory for Torontonians, including the many RNAO members who worked so hard on this issue, we realize that there are still critical decisions pending that have serious implications for health and well-being. Just as Toronto’s affordable housing lists stand at all-time record, City Council’s Executive Committee is considering selling off 740 affordable homes. The City of Toronto is negotiating collective agreements with CUPE Local 416 and CUPE Local 79 representing together 28,000 staff who provide a multiple of services and programs. More information and links to ongoing campaigns may be found below.




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