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Action Alert: Within days MPPs will be voting on the 2012 budget! Make sure they hear the voices of nurses!

Action Alert: Within days MPPs will be voting on the 2012 budget! Make sure they hear the voices of nurses!

Please email Ontario's political leaders today!
April 12, 2012
Last week’s 2012 Ontario Budget put short-term savings ahead of the health of the province’s most vulnerable in a bid to cut the deficit. Join nurses across the province in telling Premier Dalton McGuinty, Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath that balancing the budget on the backs of the poor is unfair.
By freezing social assistance rates, delaying increases to the Ontario Child Benefit, and failing to raise the minimum wage (or even appoint the commission promised in last year’s budget), the 2012 Ontario budget hurts those already struggling to get by on dangerously low incomes. This is bad health policy and will result in higher tax payer’s costs.
While the RNAO supports the government’s delay in the planned corporate tax cut, we also support the opposition’s proposal for a new tax bracket for personal incomes over $500,000 per year that would raise $570 million a year in government revenues to help those who need it most. Let’s invest this new revenue into improved social assistance rates and child benefits.
Another way to bring the deficit under control is by improving integration between social programs and health services. Let’s address the unnecessary duplication between Community Care Access Centres, hospital discharge coordinators, and home care agencies. It increases costs and diverts money that could be better spent on direct care for patients at home by nurses working to full scope. Expanding access to primary care by investing in more nurse practitioners across the system, including NP-led clinics, community health centres, family health teams and home care, is a sound investment that will improve health and reduce unnecessary ER visits.
Please act now by letting Premier McGuinty and our provincial leaders know that you feel balancing the deficit on the backs of the most vulnerable in our communities is wrong. Email the letter below to Premier Dalton McGuinty, PC leader Tim Hudak, and NDP leader Andrea Horwath. You can edit the letter to share examples from your nursing practice and/or life experiences on how making poverty worse will increase ill-health on those already struggling and increase demand on the health-care system.

  • Please share this action alert with your colleagues, neighbours, friends, and family and ask them to email as well.

Don't Balance Ontario's Budget on the Backs of the Poor

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