Linking this phase to other framework components

Linking this element to other framework components

Linking this phase to elements of the social movement action framework

You and your change team’s capacity in the ‘Sustain the change’ phase may be enhanced and/or accelerated by the addition of some of the elements of the Social Movement Action (SMA) Framework, as the two frameworks are complementary. In addition to the linking example described earlier in this section, there can be many other points of connection between the two frameworks. Below are three more examples for your consideration:   

  • Core leadership structures: In the Social Movement Action Framework, core leadership structures represent a group of people whose role is to share the leadership and responsibilities for guiding the evolution of a social movement. Leadership is not vested in one person but across a group, such as a change team. You and your team can support sustainability by maintaining leadership roles that drive and support the practice change.
  • Change is scaled up, scaled out, or scaled deep: When change has been achieved, you and your change team can focus on scaling the change. Scaling up means expanding the breadth of the change to other units or across an entire setting and engaging others.  When change is scaled out, it alters standards or policies to extend the lifespan of the change. When scaled deep, values shift to embrace the change initiative, creating new norms of evidence-informed culture. Activities may include advancing public policy initiatives to create change at a systems level.           
  • Capacity in leading change is increased: When you and your change team and others develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence in social movement thinking and actions, you learn strategically how to co-design change and position it as credible and valued. You realize the powerful impact of mobilized individual and collective action and collective identity as drivers for sustaining the change. By developing this capacity, you, your change team and others can sustain the change initiative.          

For more discussion about the dynamic links between the elements of the SMA Framework to the KTA Framework, see the section ‘Accelerate your success with the Leading Change Toolkit™’.