What’s New in Best Practices Webinar 2: Vascular Access

Nov 29, 2021, 1:00pm - 2:00pm
About this Event:

This What’s New in Best Practices webinar is a two part webinar series designed for all nurses and health providers to learn about the Vascular Access, Second Edition best practice guideline (BPG). This BPG is applicable to all practice settings where care is provided for persons with vascular access devices (VAD) (such as, but not limited to, primary care, rehabilitation, long-term care, acute care and community care), and it is to be used for all health providers who insert, assess and/or maintain VADs.

Webinar 2 on Nov. 29 focused on implementation and evaluation of the guideline, including: describing implementation strategies related to the BPG, and highlighting and providing an overview of evaluation measures. 

During these webinars, participants learned how to: 

  • understand the Vascular Access, Second Edition BPG recommendations;
  • identify next steps in implementation and evaluation of the BPG;
  • measure outcomes related to the vascular access recommendations;
  • use best practices related to: 
    •  assessment
    • education
    • vascualr access specialists
    • blood draws
    • a daily review of peripheral vascular access devices
    • vasualization technologies
    • pain management


  • Dr. Nancy Moureau, RN, PhD, CRNI, CPUI, VA-BC
    • Chief Executive Office, PICC Excellence
  • Darlene Murray, BSN, MSN, RN
    • Interprofessional Education Specialist, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • Amy Burt, RN, MSc
    • Guideline Development Lead (RNAO)
  • Christine Buchanan, RN, MN
    • Guideline Development Methodologist (RNAO)
  • Katherine Wallace, RN, MHS
    • Senior Manager, Implementation Science (RNAO)
  • Christina Medeiros, RN, BScN, BPHE, BEd, MN, PhD Candidate
    • Senior Manager, Evaluation and Monitoring (RNAO)

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Cost for non-Members: 
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