Sixth-Annual NP Knowledge Exchange Symposium

Nov 26, 2019, 8:30am - 4:30pm
RNAO Home Office
158 Pearl Street
About this Event:

The NP Knowledge Exchange (KE) Symposium is an opportunity for NPs to network, collaborate and learn. This year, the morning of the NP KE Symposium will be used as an opportunity for participants to give feedback on the NP Task Force.

In the afternoon participants explore the theme "From Novice to Expert: NP Role Development and Role Actualization". The symposium will include panels, speakers and activities that delve into this topic in-depth.

Download the event agenda here


  • power collaboration among NPs from across the province and across all health sectors
  • engage in an in-depth discussion on an issue central to NP practice
  • check the pulse with NPs on current barriers and facilitators to NP role optimization, sustainability and growth across sectors as identified by the NP Task Force

The event is open to all NPs in Ontario who are RNAO members. Membership in NPIG is not a requirement to attend.

There is no registration fee to participate and all materials and meals are provided free of charge. 

Attendees are responsible for their travel costs.

For questions contact Kyle Dieleman at