Professionalism and Collaboration: Keys to Clinical Excellence

Jul 26, 2012, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Hyatt Regency Toronto
370 King Street West
About this Event:

Health-care environments have become challenging in recent years as a result of constant restructuring efforts to improve efficiency and productivity.

Rapid changes have been evident across all sectors and settings, making for a chaotic and occasionally unstable work environment. All of these changes have impacted individual nurses’ abilities to maintain high levels of professionalism and collaboration. Professionalism is foundational to a healthy work environment and a key element for nurses to work collaboratively. Collaborative practice is based on the fundamentals of effective teamwork.

This one-day workshop will provide nurses with an opportunity to examine the attributes of professionalism within their own practice situation and review the principles and behaviours that ensure effective collaboration including conflict resolution. The recommendations within RNAO’s Healthy Work Environment Best Practice Guidelines Professionalism in Nursing and Collaborative Practice Among Nursing Teams will be presented and discussed in detail.

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