Nursing in Custody - An Educational Conference for Forensic, Mental Health and Correctional Nurses

Wed, 2014-11-12 10:30
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton
100 West 5th Street
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Registration and Continental Breakfast

Welcome and Opening Remarks - Subaida Hanifa, Doris Grinspun and Mary-Lou Martin

“Bullying in the Workplace” - Rhonda Seidman-Carlson

“Talking with CNO: Challenges, Changes and Application of the Standards” - Angela McNabb

“Introduction to Correctional Services in Ontario” - OCNIG Executive

CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS (Select one only - each session limited to 25 persons)

  1. It Takes a Team - Strategies for Building and Maintaining Cohesive Healthcare Teams
  2. Treatment for Anxiety Disorders: Developing an Understanding of Pharmacological and Psychological Options
  3. Measuring Concern: An Introduction to Risk Assessment and Structured Clinical Judgment
  4. Nurses and Clients Working Together for Successful Transitions to Community
  5. Top 5 Physical Health Issues related to Substance Use Disorders
  6. I Hear Voices: Understanding the Experience (20 person limit)

Lunch and Networking

“Learning from Lived Experience: A Panel Discussion” facilitated by Lynn Anne Mulrooney

Trauma Informed Care in Custody Environments? Is it Possible? with Mary-Lou Martin

CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS (Select one only - each session limited to 25 persons)

  1. Mental Health Issues in Jails: A Medico-Legal Perspective
  2. Enhancing Quality of Work-Life: You Should Never Stop Having Fun!
  3. Managing People in Crisis...More Tools for Our Tool Belts!
  4. Sugar and Spice: Metabolic Syndrome, Not So Nice
  5. Concurrent Disorders: Motivating Individuals toward Change
  6. Using Music to Manage Anxiety and Agitation

Next Steps and Closing Remarks with Evelyn Wilson

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Cost for Students: $50.00 CAD

Cost for Members: 
$90.00 CAD
Cost for non-Members: 
$100.00 CAD