Nurse Executive Leadership Academy - 5th Annual

May 31, 2016 - Jun 3, 2016
White Oaks Conference Centre
253 Taylor Road
About this Event:

The 5th Annual Nurse Executive Leadership Academy is an energizing knowledge exchange forum for nurse executives from ALL sectors, including public health, primary care, hospitals, home care and long-term care. It aims to enhance leadership and governance knowledge and expertise among executive nurse leaders building on themes of health system transformation, values based leadership, evidence-based practice and effective stewardship.

The Academy offers an inspiring leadership knowledge festival for nurse executives through opportunities to share current and emerging challenges, dialogue across sectors, hear multiple points of view and engage in dynamic discourse. Participants will gain novel insights and scientific and experiential knowledge to enact governance, leadership and practice roles based on a comprehensive system perspective.

The program will feature expert faculty from policy, practice and academic settings, providing up-to-date insights for bolstering knowledge and competence in governance, policy formulation, evidence-based accountability and leadership.


  • Forum of health-care executives across all sectors
  • Cutting edge leadership, stewardship and health care knowledge and perspectives
  • Opportunity to apply and discuss new insights
  • Dynamic presentations by key government, policy, health care and leadership gurus


  • Interactive learning experience
  • All inclusive leadership event
  • Personal and professional renewal and network building
  • Inspiring integrated person centred health care across all sectors
  • Showcasing the vital impact of nurse executive leadership

For more information please contact Melissa Aziz

Registration Fee: (includes accommodation for 3 nights; all meals; program materials; parking; internet access and use of venue facilities)

Cost for Members: 
$2,570.75 CAD
Cost for non-Members: 
$3,022.75 CAD
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