Mental Health and Addictions Webinar

Aug 5, 2015, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Live via webcast
About this Event:

Presenters: Amy Porath-Waller, Ph.D., Interim Director, Research and Policy, CCSA
Katie Fleming, MA., Knowledge Broker, CCSA
Cheryl Dillon, RN, BScN., Toronto Public Health, Homeless At-Risk Prenatal (HARP) Team


1. To review the effects of prenatal cannabis exposure on the development and behavior of offspring;

2. To identify some of the implications of maternal cannabis use during pregnancy;

3. To provide a brief summary of the research report: Licit and Illicit Drug Use during Pregnancy, as it relates to opioids.

4. Approaches to health teaching for pregnant homeless women who use cannabis– experiences of a Toronto Public Health HARP Nurse

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