An Interprofessional approach to Person-and Family-Centred Care

May 25, 2022, 12:00pm - 12:45pm
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About this Event:

This webinar session is designed for health-care professionals working in the long-term care (LTC) sector. The goal of this presentation is to discuss Mackenzie Health Long Term Care’s interprofessional approach to person-and family-centred care for residents in LTC.

The process of admission to LTC begins before a resident is actually admitted. Their team uses a person-and family-centred approach as they get to know each resident as best as possible prior to their admission. Once a resident is admitted, they often require extra support for approximately six weeks as they transition and adjust to their new home. The Mackenzie Health Long Term Care's team utilizes person-and family-centred approaches to support residents during and after the transition period to LTC.

The goal of this presentation is to shed light on a resident’s entire journey in LTC and increase the audience’s knowledge of how the interprofessional team can provide support to each resident in LTC.

During this presentation, participants will learn how to:

  • Use person-and family-centred care to support a resident’s transition and life in the home thereafter.
  • Use best practices for interprofessional approach.
  • Monitor and manage psychosocial aspects of a resident’s life.
  • Informally measure resident and family satisfaction.
  • Continuously modify care plans depending on the needs.
  • Interprofessional approach to palliative care.
  • Establish goals of care.

Participants will also gain a better understanding of a resident’s transition to LTC and how each team member plays an integral role in making LTC home.


  • Chloe Basinski-Ferris, BSW, RSW, social worker, Mackenzie Health Long Term care (Universal Care)
  • Shareeza Ladha, programs manager, Mackenzie Health Long Term Care (Universal Care)
  • Erin Siberry, admissions coordinator, Mackenzie Health Long Term Care (Universal Care)
  • Clara Nisan, NP, director of care, Mackenzie Health Long Term Care (Universal Care)