Implementing the Continence Guideline - Lessons Learned as a Nurse Leader and Fellowship Graduate

Feb 21, 2017, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
About this Event:

Staff in a rehab unit at Baycrest Health Sciences used the Promoting continence using prompted voiding best practice guideline (BPG) to help their patients regain independence and dignity, and to expedite their discharge home. Learn about the challenges they faced and the unique strategies they employed to implement and sustain the BPG, and improve care for their patients.


During this presentation, participants will:

  • Discuss the role of education, communication, and practice standards in promoting and implementing best practices
  • Learn to measure the impact of BPG implementation through staff surveys
  • Learn the importance of implementation working groups and units

Presenter Deborah Lappen, RN, MN, GNC

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