Evaluation before Implementation Workshop: Put Value back into Evaluation

Jul 27, 2016, 8:30am - 4:30pm
158 Pearl Street
ON, M5H 1L3
About this Event:

When making practice change, nurses often focus on the new practice, rather than considering the importance of evaluation. This workshop will help you understand what data is, how leverage information to see trends, make the link between data and practice, and explore the opportunities and challenges associated with the scale and spread of evaluation.

This event is designed for nursing clinicians and practice leaders to gain an ability to conceptualise evaluation in relation to practice change.

This course focuses on the selection, creating and utilization of relevant performance measures, and will provide you with the skills to be able to interpret analyze and leverage our evaluation data.


  • Gain a foundational understanding of performance measures and how they are relevant to best practice at the bedside
  • Determine approaches to monitor and evaluate evidence-based practice changes
  • Learn data collection considerations
  • Make the link between data and practice
  • Identify the link between guideline recommendations and performance measures
  • Discuss the importance of data quality
  • Describe opportunities and challenges associated with the scale and spread of evaluation
  • Determine how to interpret, utilize and leverage your evaluation data


  • Facilitated dialogue
  • Opportunities to apply theory to real-life clinical situations
  • Small and large group discussion
  • Reference material for future use

Gurjit K. Toor, RN, MPH

The Workshop is now sold out! Thank you for your interest. Please email Grace Wong, Event Planning and Marketing Coordinator, at for information on the next Evaluation Workshop in 2017.

Cost for Members: 
$226.00 CAD
Cost for non-Members: 
$299.45 CAD