eHealth Champions Workshop - Level 1

Jan 17, 2013
About this Event:

Are you interested in nursing informatics, eHealth, and their relationship to quality care?

The Nursing and eHealth project team, with the support of eHealth Ontario, will be holding a total of eight (8) Level 1 Nursing eHealth Champions workshops across Ontario.

The objective of the Nursing eHealth Champions Network and the workshops is to support understanding, acceptance and adoption of informatics in point-of-care activities for nurses and other members of the health team in a variety of healthcare organization and to develop support strategies for colleagues in the workplace.

A one day initiation workshop that will assist in increasing awareness and knowledge about nursing and eHealth and the relationship between eHealth and clinical practice.

Outline of the day

The workshop will consist of:

  • Presentations from experts in the field of eHealth
  • Activities that will clarify eHealth concepts
  • Strategies that will assist in supporting eHealth in your organization
  • Resources of current eHealth programs

Cost for Members: 
$0.00 CAD
Cost for non-Members: 
$0.00 CAD