A Conversation About Engaging Persons/Families/Communities in the Implementation of Best Practices

Jun 18, 2020, 2:00pm - 3:00pm
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About this Event:

In this presentation, we will be sharing a “work in progress” on the topic of engaging persons/families/communities in implementing best practices. 

We will discuss examples of engagement across the continuum, along with the facilitators, barriers, and strategies for engagement found in the literature. 

Your feedback and contributions will help strengthen this work, which will be used to inform the next edition of RNAO’s Leading Change Toolkit.

Session Objectives: 
    • Identify where you or your organization is on the continuum of engagement 
    • Discuss the common facilitators and barriers of engagement 
    • Discuss effective strategies for engagement 
    • Provide feedback related to past or current experiences with engagement 


Lori Martin, RN, BScN, MPH (c)
University of Toronto Practicum Student, RNAO 
BPSO OHT Lead, Humber River Family Health Team 


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