The Benefits of Quitting Smoking for People with Cancer

Feb 28, 2017, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
About this Event:

Quitting smoking after a cancer diagnosis has been shown to improve prognosis, including better response to cancer treatments, reducing treatment-related toxicities and side effects, and lowering the chance of recurrence. The US Surgeon General’s Report (2014) provided evidence suggesting that the risk of dying could be lowered by 30-40% by quitting smoking at the time of diagnosis. Cancer Care Ontario supports the implementation of a smoking cessation initiative in Ontario’s 14 Regional Cancer Programs (RCPs).

Using a framework developed by experts in smoking cessation, RCPs are expected to screen new ambulatory cancer patients for tobacco use, advise those who smoke on the benefits of quitting, and refer them to cessation services for support. The initiative has involved designating a smoking cessation "Champion" at each RCP, and educating clinical staff on the importance of quitting smoking for the health outcomes of their patients. In addition, RCPs submit data back to Cancer Care Ontario monthly, which is used to monitor performance across the province.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Evidence-based benefits of smoking cessation for cancer patients
  • Impacts of smoking related to cancer
  • Impacts of smoking on effectiveness of cancer treatments
  • Benefits of quitting or reducing smoking

You will gain a better understanding of Cancer Care Ontario’s initiative with the Regional Cancer Programs (Provincial perspective). This will include learning about the unique program that Cancer Care Ontario implemented in all cancer programs across Ontario, program expectations and impacts, and data to show the reach of the program

You will gain a better understanding of The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre experience and how they put theory into practice including:

  • What The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre has done to implement the provincial program
  • Impacts and roles of multidisciplinary clinical team
  • Implementing resources: Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation (The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre implements the Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation), MyQuit

Robin Morash, RN, BNSc, MHS
Erin Cameron, BA, MPH
Chantal Bornais, RN, BScN, MN

The webinar is in collaboration with Cancer Care Ontario.

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