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eHealth & Technology

Nursing and eHealth Education Course

The Foundational Nursing and eHealth Education Course provides introductory knowledge related to basic eHealth competencies in an informative and interactive format and is presented in the following 11 modules:

Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 Nursing, quality healthcare, and eHealth
Module 3 Computer technology and information processing
Module 4 The Electronic Health Record (EHR) and information and communication technology to assist client care
Module 5 Ontario eHealth initiatives
Module 6 Professional issues for nurses
Module 7 eHealth and the nursing role
Module 8 Consumer eHealth
Module 9 Nurses, nursing students, and social media in healthcare
Module 10 Professional development, knowledge management and eHealth
Module 11 Conclusion: Nursing and healthcare strengthened through eHealth

The eHealth Course now offers a self assessment feature to assist users to identify and prioritize learning needs. Users must register for this “free of charge” on-line course and will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

The Education Course assists nurses to see the value of eHealth in all aspects of their role. The goal of this interactive course is to increase the level of eHealth knowledge, understanding and expertise of nurses in all sectors.

The eHealth course focuses on client care, technology, professional issues, and the nursing role and how they impact and are affected by eHealth. The course will assist all nurses, regardless of their roles in clinical, academia, management, or research, to understand the foundational eHealth concepts related to nursing and quality health care.

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