Workplace Liaisons

What is a Workplace Liaison?

A Workplace Liaison knows that nursing is more than a job, more than putting in time. Nursing is about communication, knowledge, skill and acting as the strongest link in the chain. Essentially, a Workplace Liaison acts as a representative of RNAO in a nursing workplace. This key person is in a position to enhance communications between RNAO and an organization's nurses. By way of improved communications, the Workplace Liaison Program acts as a vehicle to promote the role of the Registered Nurse in the healthcare system and to raise the profile of the professional association.

What does a Workplace Liaison do?

The Workplace Liaison role is meant to be flexible and adaptable to your own personal situation and the uniqueness of your workplace. Generally, Workplace Liaisons:

  • Provide membership information to nurses in their workplaces
  • Disseminate up-to-date information regarding RNAO activities and events
  • Act as resource for co-workers in terms of RNAO-related inquiries
  • Assist in recruitment and retention activities
  • Act as a link between the workplace and the local RNAO chapter
  • Provide RNAO with feedback from the workplace - what nurses are saying and thinking about RNAO and the nursing profession
  • Establish and facilitate the operation of the RNAO Payroll Deduction Program.

The flexible nature of the role ensures that it fits your own schedule and strengths, and the program lends itself well to creativity. You will have the opportunity to make your own personal mark, whether it's through a formal presentation, letter writing or just chatting over a cup of coffee. And behind you all the way is the RNAO Home Office. We are here to offer support, advice and encouragement, and to provide the materials that will help you be successful as a Workplace Liaison. We are committed to developing a program in which you, as a Workplace Liaison, can be active and effective. Contact Anne-Marie Morris at (416) 599-1925 or 1-800-268-7199, ext. 220, or e-mail her, and she will look after all the details and get you and your organization started with this growing program. If your organization already has a Workplace Liaison, she can put you in touch with that person so that you can assist in the best way possible. Call today. Take action; get connected.