RNAO Student Liaisons

RNAO student membership complements formal nursing education and can give nursing students an advantage throughout their studies and when transitioning to an RN. RNAO Student Liaisons help students access this advantage.

Student Liaisons represent RNAO on nursing school campuses. They are the RNAO "point persons" among their fellow students and the link between a school's nursing student body and RNAO Home Office. In their roles, RNAO Student Liaisons promote RNAO student membership benefits, opportunities, and current RNAO initiatives and campaigns. They encourage RNAO student membership as a career choice and encourage participation at the provincial and local levels.

With help from RNAO Home Office, Student Liaisons coordinate RNAO membership drives, presentations, information booths and other special events on campus with an eye to supporting and growing the strong voice of RNAO. At the same time, Liaisons develop tools that are valuable to their own personal and professional development like communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.

RNAO Student Liaisons:

  • Provide RNAO membership information to fellow nursing students and promote membership;
  • Coordinate RNAO promotional and special events on campus;
  • Disseminate up-to-date information on RNAO activities, events and initiatives;
  • Act as the contact person for students with RNAO-related inquiries;
  • Assist with RNAO's recruitment and retention efforts;
  • Act as a link between nursing students and the local RNAO chapter; and
  • Provide RNAO Home Office with feedback from student colleagues on RNAO, nursing and health-care issues.

Student Liaisons can work on their own or be part of a team with one or more other nursing students at their schools.

For more information or to get started, please contact David McChesney.