Why become an RNAO Interest Group?

Groups of nurses affiliate and form RNAO Interest Groups for many reasons.
Here are just a few reasons why people form Interest Groups.

A Strong Voice

  • Nursing groups benefit from joining voices with 42,000 others who are 'speaking out for nursing and speaking out for health'.
  • Benefit from the credibility RNAO has established with politicians, key stakeholders, media and the public.

Second-to-None Resources

Interest groups have access to the RNAO team to assist you. For example:

  • RNAO’s Communication Department provides assistance in working with the media to communicate your views
  • The Policy & Research Department provides assistance in obtaining credible information to support your group’s advocacy efforts. The Policy Department also provides assistance in organizing political actions for your group to a gain an audience with politicians and key decision makers.
  • The Finance Department assists with financial record keeping, and in collecting, and remitting your membership dues.
  • The Membership & Services Department helps you to reach out to new members and to stay in touch with those members you already have
  • Interest Groups have a platform, and access to and the Registered Nurse Journal to communicate your message.

Representation and Influence

  • Interest Group Chairs are members of RNAO’s Assembly and have the ability to influence how things are done at RNAO, including proposing agenda items for discussion.

Growth in Membership

  • Increase your reach. RNAO members are a great potential audience, and all RNAO members will be able to find out about your group's work through our publications and website.


  • Involvement with RNAO offers many opportunities to meet and connect with other interest groups and with other nursing advocates from across the province.


  • Collaborate with RNAO Chapters and other Interest Groups in activities.

Enriched Autonomy

  • RNAO interest groups distinguish themselves as an important member of the rich collective nursing community while maintaining uniqueness and autonomy in their operations.


  • Interest groups have access to an all purpose meeting room at the RNAO office for meetings.

For more information on how your group can become an RNAO Interest Group, please call RNAO at (416) 599-1925 or 1-800-268-7199 and speak with Carrie Edwards , Project Coordinator, at extension 222.