Parish Nursing Interest Group (PNIG)

Cost of interest group: $30; $10 free for undergraduate nursing students

The Parish Nursing Interest Group (PNIG) is one of a number of interest groups, affiliate and associate groups of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) who act as the voice and forum for specialized areas of the nursing profession. PNIG supports and encourages the ministry of parish nurses in their wholistic practices.


The spiritual dimension is central to parish nursing as we assist individuals and groups to integrate life experience with faith as they journey toward wholeness and health.

Objectives of PNIG

  • as an interest group of RNAO, to actively support the initiatives of RNAO
  • to provide a forum for communication and exchange of ideas
  • to promote awareness of the roles of parish nurses and to serve as liaison with RNAO, CNA and other groups in promoting certification of parish nurses
  • to provide professional support for parish nurses
  • to encourage the formation of liaison groups throughout Ontario
  • to support implementation of standards of practice for parish nursing
  • to encourage participation of parish nurses in education and research
  • to ascertain the feasibility of the PNIG being a corporate group member in the Canadian Association for Parish Nursing Ministry

How to become a member of the PNIG:
Any practising or non-practising registered nurse who is a member or associate member of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) may, upon application, become a member of the PNIG. The annual fee is determined by the PNIG membership. This application and fee payment is made through the RNAO.

Contact: Anne-Marie Mohler, President-Elect