Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Promoting Nicotine Free Health and Wellness in Indigenous Parents, Families and Communities (working title)

Type of Guideline: 
Publication date: 
In Progress
Expected date of revised BPG: 
June, 2021
About this Guideline:

The purpose of this guideline is to determine evidence-based best practices for nurses and the interprofessional team that address the high priority area of commercial tobacco cessation for Indigenous pre and post natal women and their families. The scope of the guideline will include all relevant health sectors where women in the pre and post natal period access care, as well as Indigenous based health and social service organizations and communities. The scope of this Guideline will be further refined in collaboration with the expert panel.

BPG Status

Topic Selection Panel of Experts Systematic Review Recommendation Development Stakeholder Review Complete
In Progress

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