Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

IABPG Centre Services and Offerings

Services & Programs

  • education and workshops
  • organizational retreats
  • facilitation services
  • strategic planning
  • development of professional practice models, philosophy of care, and guiding
  • frameworks for nursing services
  • comprehensive operational reviews
  • development of recommendations and reports
  • curriculum development and delivery
  • Workshop Topics

    • Leadership Development for all Health-Care Providers
    • Applied Leadership for Managers
    • Leading & Shaping Successful Change
    • Preceptorship or Mentorship for Health-Care Providers
    • Understanding Conflict & Building Trust
    • Ethics in Health Care
    • Diversity in the Workplace
    • Attributes of Professionalism
    • Sources and Types of Evidence: Creating a Culture of Best Practices
    • Shared Governance
    • Collaborative Practice
    • A custom workshop that fits your organization’s needs

    The IABPG Centre Staff assist organizations in retreat planning and facilitation. Depending on the focus, we work collaboratively to develop a retreat day agenda complete with relevant input sessions, meaningful interactive sessions, and creative feedback opportunities. IABPG Centre staff facilitate the retreat day and provide a comprehensive report following the session. Reports contain full information on the process of the day as well as outcomes incorporating results of reporting back sessions, conclusions and plans made. In addition based on the focus of the day there is a set of related recommendations for next steps. Retreat Days usually are carried out with a Gold Membership or Platinum Membership depending on the number of days and extent of the report.

    Strategic Planning
    The IABPG Centre works with many service users to plan and facilitate strategic planning days that result in successful vision, mission, and mandate documents and related action planning directions, depending on the number of planning days organized.
    In this type of activity the IABPG Centre staff work with the organization in planning the sessions, developing an agenda, identifying pre–session reading or activities. In addition the sessions are facilitated by our staff who work to effectively move participants through a series of activities to help raise issues, identify themes, build consensus related to key areas of focus and develop clear directions for future next steps.
    This work is captured in a comprehensive report prepared by the IABPG Centre staff incorporating information related to the process, outcomes, next steps and related recommendations. Strategic planning sessions generally require Platinum Membership or Millennium Membership depending on the number of days involved, the focus, and the extent of the follow up.

    Professional Practice Models, Philosophy of Care, Guiding Frameworks
    RNAO has worked with numerous organizations in the development of Models of Professional Practice, Philosophies of Care, and other guiding frameworks. These activities usually involve a Millennium Membership or a combination a Platinum and Gold or Silver Membership. A variety of highly successful approaches to this work have been developed and implemented by our staff. Development of such guiding frameworks is usually completed in a Millennium Membership

    Comprehensive Operational Reviews
    Comprehensive reviews involve a full assessment of an area of focus through a variety of data collection activities including key informant interviews, surveys, direct observation, focus groups, and feedback sessions.
    The comprehensive review results in a full report including process, outcomes including data analysis and recommendations incorporated into an action plan. Service users often request a comprehensive review of areas such as professional nursing practice, model of care delivery, use of patient centered care, approaches to staffing, collaborative practice and leadership.
    Comprehensive reviews involve a Millennium Membership or Diamond Membership depending on the extent and focus of the review and follow up activities.