Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Mnaamodzawin Health Services

About this BPSO:

Strengthening community harmony and well-being by ensuring access to high quality holistic services which promote personal, family and community responsibility to health care.

Community Harmony

  • People feel good about themselves through a balanced spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well being.
  • Strong families and harmonious communities in an atmosphere of trust.
  • People live fulfilling lives despite disabilities and chronic illnesses.
  • We live our Anishnabe way of life and cultural values by incorporating the 7 Grandfather Teachings.
  • We live in an environment, which respects nature's balance.

Individual and Family Well-Being

  • Individuals have the skills and knowledge to take care of their health.
  • Individuals and families can access a variety of quality health services.
  • Individuals are involved in healthy lifestyle activities which promote physical fitness, program nutrition and reduction of substance abuse.
  • People understand their rights and can access contemporary and traditional health services of their choice.
  • Holistic health balances traditional and contemporary service delivery.
  • Equity in health status for the Anishnabe.

North America