Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Spotlight Impact Survey

In 2014 an impact survey of BPSO® organizations was conducted to:

  • Discover the degree to which the RNAO best practice guidelines have spread throughout each organization, in particular, the number of nurses, units/teams and patients/clients/residents that have been influenced by the guidelines;
  • Identify the RNAO guidelines that have had the most impact on nursing practice and client outcomes and those that align most closely with the organizations’ strategic priorities;
  • Identify structures and/or processes that have been utilized to facilitate sustainability;
  • Identify which RNAO BPG implementation strategies and BPSO supports were most useful and effective throughout the BPSO experience.

To accomplish the above stated objectives, a web survey with 21 questions was developed. The project lead and sponsor from 50 established BPSO organizations were invited to submit a response on behalf of their organization. BPSO Host sites were asked to forward the survey to their corresponding BPSO sites. In total, responses were received from 35 BPSO organizations. There was a 70% response rate.

A brief report was written to summarize the results of the survey that demonstrated the impact of the RNAO BPSO program.

Downloadable Files:
BPSO Impact Survey530.43 KB