Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

BPSO Experience

BPSO - Canada

BPSO, Toronto Public Health, shares their guideline implementation experience and how the initiative complements the strategic plan of their organization.

Toronto Pubic Health works to improve the overall health of the population and to overcome health inequities. They provide services to individuals and communities, and advocate for public policies to make the city healthier.

BPSO candidacy has enabled systematic contribution to one of our foundational principles: "...commitment to excellence by using evidence to support the design and delivery of programs, by ensuring continuous improvement in organizational performance, and by providing ongoing learning opportunities to realize the full potential of staff."

The experience has demonstrated positive benefits of knowledge sharing, collaboration and commitment to evidence-informed decision making and enhance public health practice.

BPSO - International

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (SA Branch) represents over 17,000 nurses, midwives and personal care assistants in South Australia, and is the Australian Host for the BPSO Program (ANMFSA, 2012). As Host Organization, ANMF provides "organizations with BPG implementation support, education and training including access to evidence-based implementation tools and lessons learned from the highly successful, world renowned RNAO BPG implementation program" (ANMFSA, 2012).

ANMF shared its experience as a BPSO Host at an RNAO BPSO information and networking session during the ICN Congress in 2013, and the presentation is available from the "Downloadable Files" below.

Downloadable Files: