Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

Benefits of being a BPSO

Since its commencement, several research projects designed to investigate the effects of guideline implementation on patient care and client outcomes have been conducted by teams of experienced researchers. Each study has proven the positive outcomes related to improving client care and patient outcomes associated with best practice guideline implementation.

The Nursing Best Practice Research Centre (NBPRC) has, since its inception, worked to examine the RNAO's clinical best practice guidelines and increase the capacity of current and future nurse leaders to implement and evaluate guidelines.

The results from these research studies have been instrumental in aiding the development of methods and strategies for successfully implementing best practice guidelines, and evaluating implementation strategies including patient mediated approaches. Get more information on BPSO research studies.

Access more information about past and current BPSO research studies being conducted by the NBPRU's team of researchers.

Some benefits to be derived from being an RNAO BPSO are:

  • Support ( including some financial) for the implementation and evaluation of best practice guidelines
  • Access to implementation resources
  • Networking opportunities with other BPSOs
  • Support to attend the RNAO' Annual BPSO Symposium and Final Summit to support continued capacity development and knowledge dissemination
  • Participation in research studies
  • Participation in various aspects of guideline development, implementation projects and dissemination activities.
  • Access to expert consultation on guideline implementation and uptake.