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7 Myths about long-term care nursing — busted

7 myths about long-term care nursing
Lesley Young

It's no secret there are challenges in Ontario's long-term care (LTC) sector. But despite some troubling headlines, LTC is filled with hardworking, compassionate, and dedicated nurses working hard to make a difference for LTC residents.

To help them provide the best care, LTC will need better funding models from government and more registered nursing staff. In order to achieve that, the sector must overcome some persistent negative misconceptions.

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Nursing Station needs your help
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Current and future role of internationally educated nurses (IENs) in Canada

Gupta  on the challenges of coming to Canada and using her education as a nurse
Shailadi Gupta RN,BScN

With an aging nursing workforce and a limited supply of new nursing graduates, Canada is facing a projected shortage of nurses in upcoming years. Forecasters estimate that by 2022, an additional 60,000 nurses will be required to meet the country's health-care needs. To address this shortage, it is very important for Canada to help internationally educated nurses (IENs) qualify to work here.

The Postpartum Blues That Almost Got Me

Dolkar on the struggles of being a health professional postpartum depression
Lhamo Dolkar, RN

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for a family, and most parents love having a new bundle of joy.

By the time my son arrived in December 2017, I already had three kids. I was a registered nurse who had experience in maternal and child health. I was strong. Everyone – including me – thought this pregnancy would be a breeze. But my experience was contrary to everyone's expectations, including mine.

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