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Point-of-care nursing: A learning journey

Connie Wood
Connie Wood, RN BScN MN

I love listening to and sharing stories about leadership. Do you ever wonder if you are an effective leader? With that question in mind, I decided to make developing my leadership skills a learning goal.

I am a registered nurse, and have been for more than 40 years. These years of experience have given me a chance to observe and reflect on different leadership styles. I have worked with some stellar leaders and some not so strong.

Tips for surviving nights shifts

Stacey Brown
Brenda Hutton
Paula Manuel
Una Ferguson

For many nurses, working night shifts will be a challenging reality at some point in their career.

Fighting against your body's natural rhythms to stay awake during the wee hours of the morning can take its toll, but there are steps you can take to keep your body and mind healthy during a stretch of nights, and avoiding the early-morning crash.

We asked some veteran RNs about what they recommend for preparing, surviving, and recuperating from night shifts. Here are some of their responses.

Six reasons nurses make the best travel buddies


People count on nurses to care for them during the most difficult times in their lives. But if you're lucky enough to be friends with a nurse, you'll know they are also great to have around during the fun times.

With a diverse set of skills and an intrepid spirit, here are some reason why nurses make the best partners for a travelling adventure:

Who am I after retirement?

Rhonda Seidman-Carlson
Rhonda Seidman-Carlson, RN, MN

I was really looking forward to retirement. I was excited to live with no particular time clock and to explore new adventures.

I planned my retirement carefully, and let my coworkers know more than six months before my final day on the job. By giving so much notice, I felt it would give everyone -– including me –- ample time to adjust to the reality that I was actually retiring after 43 years as an RN.

That worked well until my goodbye party. While I held it together that day, the full force of the pending change in my life hit me later that evening.

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