Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


President's Award for Leadership in Clinical Nursing Practice: Jackie Mace

This award recognizes a registered nurse (RN) or nurse practitioner (NP) who consistently demonstrates expertise and evidence-informed practice in one or more areas of clinical practice in a staff nurse position. This year’s two winners enhance the role of nursing by demonstrating nursing leadership in their workplaces and influencing change for the betterment of patients, families and/or communities.

Jackie Mace learned early on what it means to lead a team. Offered the position of team leader at The Ottawa Hospital in 1989, after only one year of practice as a registered nurse, Jackie took on the responsibility of mentoring and evaluating new staff and residents at the age of 22. It was a role she grew to love. After eight years in the position, Jackie moved on to become the clinical manager for the hospital’s orthopedic unit in 1999. It was in this role that she was recognized for increasing staff engagement from 37 per cent to 68 per cent on her unit, and for being instrumental in supporting, developing and delivering numerous educational events for staff across the hospital. “I would say only over the last 10 years have I really become a leader,” says Jackie, who owes her success in leadership to consistency and empowering her staff. In five years, she sees herself retired and working on special projects that enhance the practice of orthopedic nursing and the development of clinical nurses into leadership positions.