Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


RNAO Promotion in a Nursing Program: Ryerson site of Ryerson Centennial, George Brown Collaborative Nursing Degree

This award is given to a nursing education program in Ontario that has made outstanding contributions to the nursing profession by promoting RNAO within its program and/or the school campus, participating in RNAO activities and within RNAO structures, and raising the profile of RNAO and nursing through political, media and public activities.

With more than 32 students from the program actively involved in RNAO’s Nursing Students of Ontario (NSO), other RNAO interest groups, and their local chapters, as well as several faculty members having held former RNAO executive positions, Ryerson, Centennial, George Brown Collaborative Nursing Degree Program has made a real difference in the promotion of RNAO on campus. “We educate our students to be leaders and change makers to generate real social impact," says Usha George, dean of the faculty of community services at Ryerson University. Faculty members from the program have also demonstrated a strong commitment to RNAO’s initiatives by speaking at association events and contributing to the development of RNAO's best practice guidelines. Students from Ryerson, Centennial and George Brown have been active in organizing workshops and membership drives for RNAO. Now with more than 410 RNAO undergraduate nursing student associates in the program, George says she is pleased with the partnership between the professional association and the collaborative program, adding students are the ones who benefit the most.