Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Lifetime Achievement Award - Paul-André Gauthier

This award is given to long-standing RNAO members who have made exceptional contributions to nursing practice, education, administration or research at the provincial, national or international levels. This includes activities that promote the association among nursing colleagues, the government and other health-care partners.

If you've been to an RNAO event, you know Paul-André Gauthier. Since 1983, his dedication and enthusiasm have made him one of the association's most familiar faces. He holds the distinction of being RNAO's only six-time board member, representing region 11 each time. A clinical nurse specialist in palliative care, Paul-André is passionate about education, both for himself and others. He has personally completed five university programs, and has taught nursing for more than 30 years after making a career change from head nurse/nurse supervisor. As a resident of Sudbury, and Timmins before that, he is a tireless advocate for the north, and colleagues joke that he put Northern Ontario on the map at RNAO. Through hundreds of media appearances and countless meetings with politicians, he has drawn attention to nursing and health issues in the north of this province. "Politicians think they know, but they only see one angle," he explains. "Registered nurses in all sectors have solutions if we just listen to them." Retirement has hardly slowed Paul-André down, and he continues to have an impact at all levels of RNAO.