Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


RNAO in the Workplace

This award recognizes an Ontario health-care organization for its work to foster involvement of RNs in their professional association. The winning organization creates a climate of professional partnership and quality work life, and is committed to promoting professional development and research-based practice.

At Toronto Public Health (TPH), staff understands that active involvement with RNAO will mean an energized and engaged workplace. "My organization creates a healthy work environment for us to learn and reflect new knowledge, while providing quality programs and services," says May Tao, health promotion specialist at TPH. That’s why the organization strives to promote RNAO membership while also supporting excellence in nursing practice; promoting a healthy work environment; and supporting professional development opportunities. Three staff members at TPH are currently on the RNAO Board of Directors. Several TPH nurses have also been on chapter and interest group executive committees, and the organization was named a Best Practice Spotlight Organization (BPSO®) in 2012. May, who developed the nomination on behalf of the organization, says the strategic plan at TPH closely parallels the mission of RNAO. TPH strives to support involvement in professional associations, and empowers nurses to fully participate in decisions that impact their practice.