Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Interest Group of the Year Award

This award honours an interest group that demonstrates teamwork and leadership, influences decision-makers and involves members in RNAO initiatives.

What was once a challenge for the Staff Nurse Interest Group (SNIG) is now one of its biggest strengths. Staff nurses make up 63 per cent of RNAO membership, but long and unpredictable hours can make it difficult for staff nurses to participate. That’s where SNIG’s innovative use of web and social media has brought membership together, and established the group on the cutting edge of RNAO. “We had to come into the 21st century,” says SNIG Chair Una Ferguson. SNIG now holds executive meetings on Skype, engages members via Twitter and Facebook, and recently launched the Life of a Nurse blog in 2013. SNIG also posts its quarterly newsletter online, and will archive future webinars so they can be viewed anytime. The interest group’s executive team has grown from three to seven members and meets every January for a think tank, where Una says many of their ideas are born. Because staff nurses often work in stressful, short-staffed environments, the group is focusing on the health and well-being of their nurses, championing RNAO’s BPG on preventing nurse fatigue.