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Exceptional Reporting - White Coat, Black Art, CBC Radio

The team at CBC Radio’s White Coat, Black Art has been selected for exceptional reporting for its coverage of an issue that impacts many, but it’s a topic few are willing to confront openly: DNR (do not resuscitate). The group says it’s proud the weekly show helps to demystify health and health-care matters, saying the importance of
covering health issues cannot be underestimated.

Host Brian Goldman is a veteran ER physician and an award-winning medical reporter for CBC Television’s The Health Show and The National. He is also the author of The Night Shift, Real Life in the Heart of the ER, and is working on his second book.

Senior Producer Dawna Dingwall joined the White Coat, Black Art team after spending eight seasons producing documentaries and interviews for the CBC Radio program Dispatches.

Producer Kent Hoffman has worked on CBC Radio programs As It Happens, The World This Weekend, Sounds Like Canada, and Cross Country Checkup.