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Daily Newspaper - Best In-depth Feature - Ottawa Citizen

Much like many other health-related stories, Jamie, then and now was a difficult but necessary one to tell, says writer Matthew Pearson.

His winning feature takes an introspective look into Jamie Hubley’s life, and the bigger picture of youth mental health. In October 2011, Hubley, 15, took his own life. His family was plunged into the media spotlight during their darkest hour, and used their immense grief as a motivating force to raise awareness about – and nearly $1 million for – teen mental health initiatives in Ottawa.

Matthew hopes his article is an example of what top-notch health reporting should be: accurate, effective, insightful, and rich with human experience.

Since completing his Master of Journalism at Carleton University, he has worked for CBC, the Victoria Times Colonist, and the Ottawa Citizen, where he currently covers education.