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Last year's Media Award winners

Congratulations to all winners! Thank you to those who submitted pieces.

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Category Publication Name Title
Community newspaper, best in-depth feature Metroland Media - Smiths Falls Record News Desmond Devoy Inaugural clinic seminar in Perth attracts PTSD-affected cops, Afghan vets
Community newspaper, best news story Peterborough This Week Alex Karn Trans community struggles to access medical care in Peterborough
Daily newspaper, best news story Woodstock Sentinel-Review Heather Rivers and Jennifer Vandermeer Ontario nurse accused of killing eight elderly nursing home patients over period of seven years

Are we failing our seniors?

Is the long-term care system broken?

Seeking solutions on seniors' issues

Daily newspaper, best series

Ottawa Citizen Elizabeth Payne The story of 'the Canadian vaccine' that beat back Ebola

The new lepers

Canadians stepped up to help lead fight against Ebola

Exceptional reporting on an RN/nursing issue

Ottawa Citizen Joanne Laucius Nurses excluded from PTSD bill ask, 'If we're not first responders, who is?'

'A great mistake to leave out nurses:' expert
Magazine, best story OZY Magazine Rignam Wangkhang Can trauma be passed from parent to child?

Online, best story

Global News

Carmen Chai and Andrew Russell Tortured mind: Ontario schools are missing ‘perfect opportunity’ to address mental health amid rash of youth suicides

Tortured mind: What happens when mental health education isn’t taught to kids

Tortured mind: How mental health should be taught in Canadian schools

Radio, best in-depth feature

CBC, The Current Elizabeth Hoath, Cathy Simon and Laura Lynch Meet Dr. Nadine Caron, Canada's first female First Nations surgeon

Radio, best news story

CBC, The Current Alison Motluk Ottawa family sues fertility doctor for use of wrong sperm — his own

Television, best in-depth feature

CBC Marketplace Andreas Wesley, Tyana Grundig and David Common Is your doctor too tired? Hospital shifts and your health

Television, best news story

CTV Ottawa Joanne Schnurr Staffing changes at Royal Ottawa Hospital