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Which Toronto schools have the lowest measles vaccination rates?
Global News

Carmen Chai is a health and education reporter at Global News, where she writes for the organization’s websites from coast-to-coast. She believes it’s up to journalists to take a step back and provide an in-depth look at overarching patterns in society, and explain how they impact our daily lives. Given her focus on health reporting, she felt it was her job to draw attention to Toronto schools with the lowest measles vaccination rates, as the once virtually wiped-out disease is making a comeback across North America. Before joining Global, Carmen worked for Postmedia News’ wire service in Ottawa. She has also reported for the Toronto Star, National Post and the Vancouver Province. Patrick Cain works at the investigative data desk at, where he uses maps and interactive tools (and words, where necessary) to tell stories. His work blends traditional reporting with data analysis and data visualization. For much of 2010, Patrick was a contributing editor at Prior to that, he was a web editor for almost a decade at the Toronto Star.