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Radio, best news story

Pauline Dakin, CBC Radio’s World at Six
“MS procedure debunked”

Pauline Dakin is a national health reporter for CBC News. She also hosts the regional weekly documentary show Atlantic Voice. Her work has been recognized nationally and internationally. Her winning entry is about the so-called liberation therapy: a controversial treatment that opens blocked neck veins in multiple sclerosis patients. She was concerned it was based on incomplete science. Yet many media reports – uncritical journalism, Pauline believes – hailed it as a viable option for those with the inflammatory disease. She believes many people were harmed, physically, financially and emotionally, by the false hope that led so many MS patients to mortgage their homes and deplete their savings for a shot at an unproven and potentially dangerous therapy. Pauline thinks this story illustrates the importance of evidence-based and responsible reporting more than any other she’s explored in the 13 years she's covered the health beat.