Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario


Annual General Meeting

Our annual general meeting (AGM) is held in the spring each year. This annual meeting is the largest business meeting of the association, and is normally held in Toronto. The official and ‘required’ business of the association is conducted during the first half of a one-day meeting, normally held on a Friday. Required business includes, but is not limited to:

  • President’s Report
  • CEO’s Report
  • Financial Statements / Audited Report
  • Selection of Auditors for coming year
  • Election or removal of Directors

The second half of the meeting is a consultation session regarding the proposed resolutions brought forward by members. At this consultation, members at the meeting have the opportunity to indicate whether they endorse the proposed resolutions or not. All RNAO members are invited to attend both the morning and afternoon sessions, and there is no charge to attend this day-long meeting. During Friday’s AGM, a Leadership Luncheon is offered. This luncheon is hosted by the Nursing Students of Ontario (NSO) executive. On Friday evening a celebratory President’s Reception and Banquet is held, and this popular event is normally attended by close to 400 people. RNAO Recognition Awards and Media Awards are presented at this event.

The Friday AGM is preceded by a reception and opening ceremonies the evening before. The reception and opening ceremonies are open to all members, and stakeholders, including the Minister of Health, Provincial Chief Nursing Officer, Political leaders, other MPPs, CEOs, CNOs, etc. The high-profile ceremonies are usually attended by an audience of 400-450 people.

On Saturday morning, RNAO Interest Groups are invited to host individual meetings of their own members at the AGM venue. Afterwards, members are invited to the closing hour-long keynote presentation. Individual speakers or a panel of speakers are selected to address a popular or controversial health-care related topic. Registration to the AGM and related events is available online, during the second week of January. The deadline for the submission of nominations for candidacy to the board of directors and board committees, and for submission of proposed resolutions, is in December.