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Elements of RNAO's Framework for Nurse Executive Leadership

Defining and strengthening the roles and responsibilities of nurse executives in all settings is vital for improving the quality of our healthcare services and the health and well-being of our population.

By using RNAO’s comprehensive and peer-generated CNE/CNO Role and Responsibilities Framework and companion Nurse Executive Self-Assessment Tool, nurse executives will gain specific insight into the opportunities they can achieve at a personal, organizational and broad system level. Both new and established nurse executives will benefit from the Reporting Template on Priority Indicators, and many peer-recommended readings and practical tools, including RNAO’s Healthy Work Environment Best Practice Guidelines Developing and Sustaining Nursing Leadership, Collaborative Practice Among Nursing Teams, and Professionalism in Nursing.

RNAO’s  Framework for Nurse Executive Leadership provides a conceptual depiction of the Executive Nurse Leaders' role and how each element of the nurse executive’s roles and responsibilities contribute to nurse, client, organizational and societal outcomes. You will find most of the tools and resources in this Toolkit under the headings below:

The following sections beginning with the overarching Framework for Executive Nursing Leadership, provide the nurse executive with the necessary tools, recommended reading, exemplars (where available), and reflections on the nurse executive’s role and responsibilities, based on the five (5) leadership spheres of the Executive Leadership Framework. They are each presented following the diagram and description of the Framework.  Each of the 5 leadership spheres includes key resources from RNAO and other credible sources, specific sector specific resources where available, related exemplars from Nurse Executive Leader Peers and other leaders or groups (used with permission), and reflective questions related to the focus of the leadership sphere, and at times even specific to a sector, and finally recommended readings.