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Strategies for Getting the Most out of this Toolkit

Keep in mind that this toolkit should be used as a flexible healthcare planning guide. The use of steps, activities and tools is not meant to be prescriptive. Each organization or healthcare planning team can select and/or adapt the specific activities and tools to best fit their circumstances.

You can use the toolkit by moving sequentially through each module or start with the module that best fits the context of your healthcare planning situation. Healthcare planning is not a linear process and each module is not a discrete step. You may find it necessary to revisit earlier modules from time to time as you move through various modules.

You may not need to use each tool as you may have some work already completed. For example, your health care organization may have already established a reporting template for capturing priority indicators.

There are numerous tools that you can use throughout the toolkit. You will be guided to different parts of the toolkit when appropriate.

Adapted from Cancer Care Ontario (2011). APN Roles in Cancer Control Toolkit. Retrieved January 12, 2012 at