Registed Nurses' Association of Ontario

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Reflections on Communicating a Professional Identity

How do effective nurse executives:

  • Establish credibility?
  • Bring unique expert nursing background to the Board / Senior Management Team?
  • Bring wisdom and expertise to contribute to the strategic direction of the organization in a collaborative way?
  • Be a leader on quality issues within the parameters of the role and organizational agenda?


  • Discussing with colleagues board member relationships vis-a-vis the CNE / CNO
  • Transformational Leadership Strategies
  • Best practice recommendations for nursing leadership, professionalism, advocacy and collaboration

Reflections on Strategic Alignment of People and Issues

How do effective nurse executives:

  • Link messages and messaging to Board priority areas
  • Enhance quality and safety literacy
  • Support CEO and other team members while speaking out for quality and other strategic issues
  • Forge public and stakeholder partnerships at 3 levels:
  1. Health care consumer
  2. Health care practitioner
  3. Health care delivery organization


  • Transformational leadership strategies for modeling professional nursing and nursing quality
  • Knowledge translation and exchange
  • Communication tools, as guides for political advocacy, media savvy, and public relations
  • “Scaling up”
  • Best practice recommendations for nursing leadership, professionalism, and inter-professional collaboration

See the Best Practice Guideline 'Collaborative Practice Among Nursing Teams Guideline'.