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Evidence-Based Culture

Reflections on Establishing and Integrating an Evidence-Based Practice Culture

How do effective Nurse Executives:

  • Make clinical best practice guidelines a critical aspect of their quality agenda
  • Facilitate three layers of involvement and responsibility (tied to ECFAA requirements) in shaping:
  • Evidence-based organizational culture
  • Evidence-based management decision-making
  • Evidence-based clinical practice at point-of-care
  • Leverage use of clinical and healthy work environment best practice guidelines as a central reporting aspect of the CNE / CNO role on the Board of Directors/Senior Management Team


  • Establishing and integrate an evidence-based practice culture by using a best practice guideline implementation toolkit
  • Using practice / program assessments and evaluation tools
  • Learning from other successful organizations (ie. implementation and sustainability stories / examples from Best Practice Spotlight Organizations and Candidates)

RNAO has developed many best practice guidelines (BPGs) to support an CNEs in developing and sustaining an evidence-based culture;many of which have been translated in multiple languages and are being used by nurses in many countries around the world.

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