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NP Utilization Toolkit

Version 1.0 - February 2012

Last updated - September 2013

Dear colleagues,

As co-chairs of Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario's (RNAO) Nurse Practitioner Working Group, we are pleased to present, along with the RNAO and in collaboration with the Nurse Practitioners’ Association of Ontario (NPAO) the Nurse Practitioner Utilization in Hospitals Toolkit. This online and evolving resource is designed for nurse practitioners, hospital administrators, and various stakeholders who want to improve the safety, quality, flow and value of hospital services by increasing timely access to Nurse Practitioners (NPs), across both inpatient and outpatient settings.

This unique toolkit, written from the nursing leadership perspective, provides the essential information to inform NP utilization in hospitals. Key legislative and regulatory documents, which enable NPs to admit, treat, transfer and discharge hospital inpatients are provided alongside various tools for NP implementation and evaluation. Key early hospital adopters share sample communication strategies, hospital bylaws, practice documents and presentations which can be downloaded and customized to achieve an efficient and seamless implementation of the authorized NP roles. In addition, guiding documents from international jurisdictions provide a broader context and perspective on the optimal utilization of NPs in hospitals.

We expect over the coming years, that increased NP utilization in hospitals will lead to the development of highly innovative and collaborative models of interprofessional care delivery. This new-found capacity will ultimately drive and deliver the best value and highest quality care for patients; thus setting the stage for Ontario to take the lead and reach new heights both provincially and nationally in health and health care services.

With warm regards,

Dr. Vanessa Burkoski, NP PHC, MScN, DHA
Vice President, Professional Practice & Chief Nursing Executive
London Health Sciences Centre
Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing
University of Windsor & University of Western Ontario

Michelle Acorn, NP PHC/Adult, MN, ENC(C), GNC(C)
Immediate Past President, NPAO
APN Professional Practice Leader, Lead NP
Lakeridge Health, Whitby, Ontario