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May/June 2012

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The Painful Truth - OxyContin

Introduced in Canada almost 16 years ago, OxyContin quickly became the drug of choice for people hoping to escape pain. As its popularity and the number of prescriptions for it soared, controversy over its addictive nature, and questions about tampering began to surface.

In March of this year, OxyContin was replaced by OxyNeo, an opioid that is reportedly tougher to alter. The new formulation is now on the provincial government’s exceptional access drug list, and requires special permission to prescribe. RNJ asked nurses to share their perspectives on the effect this powerful painkiller has had on patients and what the switch to OxyNeo could mean.

Online RNJ Content: Spotting the red flags - This value-added feature gives readers of the magazine a little something extra online that they won't find in the print version of the magazine. Enjoy.

Nurses have a crucial role to play when treating people who may be vulnerable to addiction to a drug like OxyContin Read more...