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March/April 2014

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Overcoming adversity

Meet three registered nurses who don't let obstacles stand in their way.

Lisa McKay
One of the first things patients notice about Lisa McKay is the set of white, DJ-calibre headphones she sports around her neck or over her ears at Pembroke Regional Hospital’s ER intensive care unit.

Lyn Garnett
In 1996, when Lyn Garnett started working in the operating room at Cambridge Memorial Hospital, she began to notice a troubling trend. Every time she’d pull on latex gloves or rip open the packaging of latex catheters, she’d become short of breath. When the surgeons used powdered latex gloves, she would experience palpitations and difficulty reathing. Her skin crawled with itchiness and hives popped up all over her body.

Lorrie Reynolds
At first, Lorrie Reynolds wasn’t completely troubled by what seemed like benign lower back pain two summers ago. The then-43-year-old avid runner – she used to clock 10 ilometres on a run – had just returned to her BondHead home after spending two weeks at the family cottage waterskiing and playing ball hockey. She assumed the pain was related to her sciatic nerve.

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