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RNAO releases important report on RN full-time employment

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Since 2000, RNAO has advocated for 70 per cent full-time employment among Ontario's nurses as a means to ensure continuity of care and continuity of caregiver for patients in the province.

As part of this push, RNAO led the 70 per cent Full-Time Employment for Nurses Survey, which targeted all employers of nurses in the hospital and long-term care sectors. The results are in, and they show we have come a long way toward achieving our goals.

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Queen's Park on the Road steps on the gas

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The Ontario legislature reconvenes Oct. 20, so it is prime time to connect with politicians to ensure health care is at the top of their agenda. Once again, RNAO has launched our annual Queen’s Park on the Road initiative.

RNAO at budget consultation: remember commitments to Ontario's health

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Ontario's forthcoming budget needs to reflect the government's commitments to health instead of austerity measures, RNAO told provincial leaders during a pre-budget consultation.

RNAO chief executive officer Doris Grinspun and senior economist Kim Jarvi appeared before the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs Jan. 16 at Queen's Park. They asked that Ontario's 2014 budget leave austerity behind, and uphold the province's pledges to hire more RNs, improve access to health care, and take action to reduce poverty.

RNAO speaks out for Great Lakes protection at Queen's Park

The health of Ontario's environment is intrinsically linked to the health of its people, so RNAO works tirelessly to promote positive environmental policy.

Attention Primary Care Registered Nurses!

RNAO is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has created a special 'Primary Care Nurse Education Fund.'

Need for increased social assistance reinforced at Poor People’s Inquiry

The rising cost of living and stagnant social assistance rates have forced many Ontarians to choose between rent and food. RNAO senior policy analyst Lynn Anne Mulrooney heard these stories and more as a panelist at the Dec. 6 Poor People’s Inquiry at South Riverdale Community Health Centre in Toronto.

John Greyson thanks RNAO nurses for helping secure his release from Egyptian prison

The story of John Greyson and Tarek Loubani, two Canadians jailed for 50 days in an Egyptian prison under horrific conditions, captured our hearts earlier this year.

Together, we spoke out to fight for their release, and now Greyson is thanking you for your efforts.

Greyson, a filmmaker, and Loubani, an emergency physician, were arrested in August during protests in Cairo. They spent 50 days locked in a crowded cell enduring dreadful conditions.

Seasonal Influenza Webinar Opportunities by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

Interested in the FLU? Then these webinars are for YOU.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, in collaboration with Public Health Ontario, is proud to introduce seasonal influenza webinar opportunities aimed at health workers and employers in ambulatory care settings & long-term care and retirement homes. Participants will learn about strategies to prepare for and respond to influenza including information on surveillance, care & treatment, infection prevention & control and occupational health & safety.

Scrub Scrubbing In

RNAO is speaking out against a new MTV reality show that depicts nurses in a deeply offensive and negative light.

Scrubbing In premiered on Thursday, October 24. The show sexualizes a group of nurses (female and male) who work in California. They are portrayed in and out of the workplace and sometimes in risqué situations.

RNAO is demanding the show be pulled. The association is also asking MTV for a public apology to nurses for demonstrating utter disregard for the profession.

RNAO keeps the momentum going with Queen’s Park on the Road

This event allows RNAO members to meet directly with their MPPs in riding offices. Initially launched in the winter of 2013, members were thrilled with the opportunity to share RNAO’s Platform brochure, Why Your Health Matters, with over eighty representatives around the province.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) day is September 9th

On this day RNAO reminds people to remain alcohol free when they are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or think they might be pregnant.

The number of women in their childbearing years that are drinking at a risky level has increased in recent years. Statistics Canada finds that thirty per cent more women engage in risky drinking as compared to a decade ago.

Poverty reduction is one of our highest priorities

A more determined effort is required if the Liberal government wants to meet the promise of an Ontario where people’s lives are not cut short by the devastating health impacts of poverty, say Ontario nurses.

Influenza Planning - Your Experiences Shape the Future

With the release of the 2013 Ontario Health Plan for an Influenza Pandemic (OHPIP), the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is now turning its attention to seasonal influenza planning and the scoping the Ontario Influenza Response Plan.

What about Pharmacare?

People need access to health care based on their need, not their ability to pay.

The notion of equity is the underpinning of Medicare and the design of our entire system. Let’s apply that principle to access to medications as well as health care.

Mass Rally to Uphold National Public Medicare & Win a Renewed Health Accord at the Council of the Federation

Premiers from across Canada are going to Niagara-on-the-Lake in July for the “Council of the Federation” meetings. This is the last Council of the Federation before the expiration of the National Health Accord in 2014.

Taking the lock out of the grid

Tired of choking on exhaust while stuck in traffic or biking to work? Get politicians to take the pledge to fix transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

RNAO and Toronto Public Health have teamed up to write a short item on the health benefits of investing in transit and active transportation. The numbers tell us this investment in healthy transportation would pay back dividends not only in health but in cost savings due to increased productivity and reduced health costs.

See the Move the GTHA website.

Affordable Housing Needs You

Access to affordable housing is critical for good health and strong communities. And that’s why RNAO is a proud partner of the Housing Opens Doors Campaign.

This multi-year campaign to make affordable housing a priority in Ontario could use your help!

The good, the bad, and the Ontario budget

After much anticipation, the Ontario budget was released today to a lukewarm reception by the RNAO. While we expected an austerity budget, and we appreciate the financial challenges of the province, we are left disappointed by the absence of a response to the pressing issues facing nursing such as RN shortages.

RNAO reacts to announcement of expanded role for nurses

RNAO understands the public’s frustration when they can’t get access to care in a timely way and we advocate tirelessly to make change that has positive impact for nursing and Ontarians.

Last week announcements were made regarding maximizing nursing practice at our 88th Annual General Meeting, and the association couldn’t be more pleased.

Nurses want Hands-on Medicare and Hands-off Health Council of Canada

We refuse to take the news of the federal government cutting funding to the Health Council of Canada lying down.

This week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to cut funding to the Health Council of Canada – the national body set up in 2004 to monitor the 10-year health accord and report on the country’s health system.