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RN/NP Workforce Backgrounder

This backgrounder compiles data on Ontario nursing registrations, education, employment, and basic demographics, breaking those data down by class of nurse. It includes registered nurses (RN),1 nurse practitioners (NP) and registered practical nurses (RPN) with a focus on RNs and NPs.
The employment data include: the size of the workforce; nurse/population ratios; employment status and employment preference; work status (full-time, part-time or casual) and preference for each status; multiple job-holding; employment by sector; and employment by Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) region and by public health unit (PHU). Demographic variables are gender and age distribution. The backgrounder shows recent trends in the above variables and compares Ontario trends with others in the rest of Canada.

1 For the purposes of this report, the CNO convention of reporting RNs in the general class (RN (GC) s) as RNs will be followed. In contrast, the CIHI practice is to combine RN (GC) and nurse practitioner (NP) data together as RN data.
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