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Policy & Political Action

Urgent: Reject Dangerous Cuts to Refugee Health Care

Act now! Let Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty know that you are deeply concerned about the impacts of these cuts on the most vulnerable people in our communities.

On April 25, 2012, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister, Jason Kenney, announced cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP), which provides temporary health care coverage to refugee applicants who do not qualify for territorial or provincial health care plans. The changes, to go into effect on June 30, 2012, and will apply to all current beneficiaries as well as new applicants.

The proposed changes will threaten the lives and well-being of people who have already experienced trauma and hardship prior to their arrival in Canada. Toronto Public Health has compiled the evidence; reduced federal health services for individuals’ results in negative health impacts. Speak out.

What has RNAO done?

  • Read our Open Letter to Prime Minister Harper, Premier McGuinty, federal and provincial party leaders asking them to work together to protect the health of asylum-seekers by preserving access to health care coverage.
  • Read our resolution on this issue to the Canadian Nurses Association for discussion at the June 2012 Annual General Meeting.

What can YOU do?

  • Sign in the action alert below addressed to Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty. A copy will also be sent to the Hon. Jason Kenney Federal Minister of Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism . You can edit the letter to reflect your experiences
  • Share this action alert with your network and ask them to email as well.
  • Join the National Day of Action on Monday, June 18th. Get details about the event.

To download a poster for the National Day of Action Monday, June 18, 2012

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Your Details


Below is the email that will be sent automatically to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Dalton McGuinty. You are welcome to edit the body of the letter to add your perspective and experience.

Dear Prime Minister Harper and Premier McGuinty,

I am a registered nurse.


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Joint Letter to Minister Jason Kenney, May 18, 2012

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