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Urgent Action Alert to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all MPs:

Urgent Action Alert to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all MPs:

Save Lives, Don’t Scrap the Gun Registry

October 28, 2011

Last year, thanks to the efforts of nurses and community partners across the country, Members of Parliament voted to keep the gun registry that is proven to save lives.

Sadly, this week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government re-introduced legislation to scrap the gun registry. With his new majority, the Prime Minister plans to push through Bill C-19 before Canadians have a chance to mobilize to fight it. This year the Harper government is going even further. In an unconscionable move, the new Bill C-19 would both end the collection of life-saving data on long gun owners and destroy the 16 years of useful records that the police rely on every day.

Police point out that valuable information that could help law enforcement would be lost.

Scrapping the gun registry flies in the face of all the evidence. Why is the Prime Minister putting ideology ahead of what works?

Prime Minister Harper may have a majority of MPs, but we, nurses and our friends and families have the power to make them listen, stop and reconsider this dangerous step.

You can remind the government that according to strong evidence from the RCMP:

  1. The federal long-gun registry saves lives. For example, it helps police better respond to situations of domestic violence when they know there’s a gun in the home before entering.
  2. Firearm deaths dropped 12 per cent from 2001 to 2004 largely as a result of the gun registry.
  3. There have been significant reductions in spousal homicide rates and youth suicides.
  4. 81 per cent of trained police officers agree the registry has helped in their investigations.
  5. After early set-up problems, the gun registry is now managed cost-effectively, efficiently and at little inconvenience to long gun owners.

RCMP Report

More and more Canadians – from rural to urban, southern to northern - now recognize the gun registry is about health and keeping our homes, streets and workplaces safe for all.

RNAO needs you to URGENTLY:

  1. Email the letter below to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A copy will automatically be sent to the other party leaders and all Ontario Members of Parliament.
  2. Vote NO (the government should NOT scrap the gun registry) in the CBC on-line poll
  3. Share this action alert with your colleagues, friends and family and urge them to write and vote immediately.

As leaders in our communities and strong voices for health, nurses views matter. When we speak out, politicians listen. Please act NOW!